Should we catch up before hand for a chat, espresso etc.?

Would love that – just a time to meet each other and hear of your journey together to date – our studio is very stress free and designed with a kind of ‘cosy lounge room’ environment in mind. We have flexible appointment times with normal business hours –after hours on weeknights and even weekends where available.

What do you think of pre wedding / engagement shoots?

I absolutely love this opportunity of getting to know you both a little better - and you with me – the session is normally only an hour or so where we start in our studio and sneak to an offsite location near by the studio – it’s a fun time out.



What is your ethos / attitude behind your professional editing suite?

Our photographs capture real-life special moments. We apply our professional editing service to every image we present to you. We do not edit/correct appearances in someone. We do remove things that accidentally enter the photo frame, like insects or car in the background.  Our aim is to be true to life and all of the joy within it. Our black and white images we produce are true b&w in their finish - The amount b&w I shoot depends on locations, conditions etc. However as a guide it can be 15 to 20% of your coverage at times – If you require more or less just ask away.

What equipment do you use?

I am a Canon guy – have been since Uni – I always pack heavy.

Digital Kit - 2 of 1DX Mark ll’s - 2 of 5D’s Mark ll’s - 2 of 7D’s Mark ll’s - Plus an array of lens from wide angle to long telephoto – all L series and I reckon the best glass around!

Film Kit - Zenza Bronica 645 (large format) – 6 backs which hold a variety of film types – lenses include 40mm wide – 80mm portrait   -150mm. Canon F1 35mm – with a fixed 150mm lens – the 1st Pro body camera I ever bought!!! Still going strong too!!!

Lighting Equipment

I just love the 3 of Jinbei mobile flash heads I have which are all battery controlled (no cords) wirelessly synced and just reliable bad arse work horses!!!I We also have a mobile Bowens Flash System which could just about light up half of Adelaide!!!

Do you have back up equipment?

100% - and at all times –I always ‘pack heavy’ which drives my wife nuts when we travel – We actually have a rule book at the studio when it comes to equipment – Rule 1 – PACK EVERYTHING – Rule 2 – please refer to rule 1  - and that’s it!

How many images do we get from our wedding day coverage?

I don’t think I have shot under 400+ before from a wedding coverage in my life – I’m always in search of what I call “the little things” – I don’t keep count of the images I will take on your day – I just keep creating them!

How soon after our wedding can we expect to see our images?

We always state that your wedding day files will be complete and ready for collection inside of 4 working weeks from your wedding day.

Can we get access to the raw / unedited files?

Unfortunately no - I don’t give out raw or unedited files from your coverage. Part of our expertise & service is to view & prepare the images to look at their absolute best – our meticulous editing of each image is a major part of our entire process. I pride myself on the art we produce and there is a massive effort put in on each image and its preparation – there also needs to be a consistency in the format finish of each file.

What if the weather is looking dodgy for our day?

Never fear here – we have extensive experience in locations with cover in and around your ceremony area and given weather apps nowadays are quite accurate – hence you will know a few days out if mother nature is going to crack the you know what’s ! We will be prepared with location suggestions well before your day.

You have a fantastic online gallery – how does that work?

Very easily – we will send you an email with your link included – just click on the link and way we go (it may a minute or two to load) and there are all your images in front of you – the link is very device friendly eg; tablet, laptop, mobile phone etc. and has a simple to use purchase shop there is you would like to purchase any images - honestly we get rave reviews about our link and print shopping section– clients love it!

Can we book your services from your website?

Indeed you can – although I always like to meet with you both first this is not always possible from a logistic point of view– yet we have clients who wish to book us in so they don’t miss out – hence this is why we have our booking procedure on our website.

Do you work on an itinerary / time table based on our day and requirements?

We sure do! – This is all part of the service before your wedding day which we feel is essential and to be honest we love assisting you both with this. We are knowledgeable to most areas/ surrounds in our state and once you have confirmed your ceremony/reception spots we start to suggest ideas and locations to your time table - very different photo locations to give your images a personal feel – I will send you both images of the locations to give you a visual of the location.  We will never forget that it is “your day together” – I am always just happy to help with making your day stress free.

Do you post out products to us?

Yes we do – smaller products we use Aust Post and always register, insure, receive a tracking number and a signature is required at collection of your parcel.  The Aust Post fee depends on the address & area you wish your products to be sent – Price on Application. For larger pieces of art or in some cases if we feel the safest & most efficient way to send a product we use Pack & Send – again POA.